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Structural Strengthening

The process of strengthening structures involves making the structure more resilient to new loads or increasing the strength of structural members to handle increased loads.

Structural Strengthening Solution by Jha Construction Private Limited.
Structural Strengthening
Retrofitting Works by Jha Construction Private Limited.


The retrofitting work consisted of demolition of the existing structural concrete slabs and ramps, surface repair of existing prestressed concrete girders, and construction of new concrete slabs and ramps.

Retrofitting Works


Reinforced concrete and Masonry structural members can be strengthened and enhanced with fiber wrapping. It is designed to strengthen structural members through flexural, shear, and confinement strengthening, ensuring minimal disturbance to the structural members compared to conventional methods.

Fibre Wrapping Solution by Jha Construction Private Limited.
Fibre Wrapping
Construction Solution by Jha Construction Private Limited.


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